Thursday, June 26, 2008

Slip Sliding Away

Politico is reporting that the love affair between Sen. Barack Obama and such stalwarts of the progressive movement as Jane Hamsher, proprietor of, has crashed on the rocks of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

One imagines that Sen. Chris Dodd, who has been pushing legislation that would punishing telcom companies for co-operating with the Bush regime, is not overly pleased that Obama has decided to support a bill containing an immunity provision for the offenders. Further irritating the progressive anti-war left, Obama's position on immunity for the telecoms puts him in the same bullpen with the much detested Sen. Joe Lieberman, the hobgoblin of little minds on the left.

“It angers the blogosphere to its core,” said Hamsher. “We want to be able to know: What did you do? If we can get that information, we can make sure they don’t do that again. We can get the public engaged.

“[A] lot of people tried to convince themselves that he [Obama] was a progressive hero, and I think they were disappointed,” Hamsher said. “You can feel a real shift in the zeitgeist online.”

The shift has not affected Keith Oberman, a spit and spittle anti-FISA, anti-Bush, anti Iraq war crow swallower, who may be on suicide watch now that Obama has drifted into the pro-FISA camp.

Ah! The good old days!

Oberman's latest take on the Obama defection is that it took considerable courage for him to risk the anger of progressives like -- well, the Big O -- to schmooze with the reviled Bush regime.

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