Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What Chocolates And Government Programs Have In Common

Like chocolates, government programs are instantly addictive. They are also difficult to repeal, especially in Connecticut, because every new program creates its own constituency, instant professions; and as George Bernard Shaw reminds us, “Every profession is a conspiracy against the laity.” The laity is the world outside the profession. In government, the laity is the collective whose pockets are mined by the profession to extend and continue the conspiracy.

That is how hard pressed and friendless taxpayers in the state should think about new programs.

Old programs involve entrenched constituencies, which are considerably more difficult to uproot and cast into the fires of Hell.

An entrenched constituency is like a mouse in a house. First you see one, then two; then nothing happens for about six weeks. Then the mouse population explodes. Soon you are overwhelmed by boisterous mice chatting in the wall. What a mouse population that threatens to overrun the house needs is a cat – a bright-eyed, sharptoothed, merciless cat. Pity only serves to excite the mouse population's reproductive systems. Smile at one mouse and before you know it you will be the unwilling host to a hord of mice that will spoil your sleep and, worse, upset your wife.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate's toxic to cats, I've read.

Don Pesci said...

True, other animals as well. But cats like non-chocolate mice.