Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Coming Recession

It’s always nice to know that bi-partisanship in the U.S. Congress is not dead. Congressional Republicans and Democrats have come together to “stimulate” an economy they have been throttling throughout the administration of George Bush, without vigorous protest, it might be added, by the leaders of either party.

Courant columnist, former counselor to former President Bill Clinton, and former gubernatorial candidate for governor on the Democrat ticket Bill Curry notes in his Sunday column that it is the near elections, and voters bugged by the collapse of fraudulent lending practices in the housing market, that have stimulated the stimulus package. “At heart,” Curry reminds us, “stimulus is a Democratic project,” as is excessive spending; though, Lord knows, Bush, attempting to buy his way through a war by yielding to budget padders, has hardly been an effective breakwater.

The stimulus is likely to fend off a recession that will deepen the longer it is postponed by cheery bi-partisanship, and it has been proposed that here in Connecticut Democrats, who control the legislature, and Republicans should buss up and support a similar attempt to goose the state’s laggard economy.

The posturing, no doubt, will ease all the incumbents through very trying times.

Could it be possible that what the country really needs – in addition to a spending lockbox – is less bi-partisanship?


Swick Speak said...

Could it not be possible in my economic opinion-that we could just cut taxes on a Federal, State and Local level and cut spending in order to stimulate the economy? Rather than wasting another $150 billion of our tax money.

Don Pesci said...


Wonderful idea. But as it will leave more money in people's pockets and less in state and federal treasuries, it will not be abopted any time soon by grasping politicians.