Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Barack and Bill Ticket Would Leave Dodd in Nowheresville

The first rat to leave the Clinton’s sinking ship was David Wilhelm. US Sen. Chris Dodd has now joined those leaping off the burning deck of the USS Clinton, according to the Hartford Courant.

“[Dodd's]support of Obama may clash with his longtime friendship with the Clintons. After the Republicans swept into Congress on a "Contract with America" wave in 1994, President Clinton picked Dodd as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

“Some pundits had even guessed that Dodd would be a possible vice presidential choice for Hillary Clinton.”

As always in politics, the question arises, “What’s love got to do with it?”

Since Barrack Obama has staked out a political position even further to the left of that of Dodd, he will be fetching around for a moderate Democrat as Vice President, so as to garner more votes from moderate Democrats and Republicans in the general election. A good choice might be Sen. Joe Lieberman, the last moderate Democrat standing in his party.

Or, if only it were possible, why not Bill?

The former president, widely considered a moderate, is not constitutionally prohibited from running for VP, and the ambitions of the Clintons are such that Bill might not immediately reject the move as an ill considered gambit from a presidential candidate of shallow experience.


Brian T. Edwards said...


First of all, we love your contributions to GOPhub.com, which are without question among our most consistent and compelling.

Regarding this particular article I had a couple comments regarding your two suggestions for a Barack nomination. While agree with you that Joe Liebermann is one of the last remaining Democrats with a moderate voice, which he has used to loudly and proudly endorse Sen. McCain, so I see no circumstances under which he would run on an Obama ticket.

Regarding Bill, he is in fact constitutionally prohibited from serving as VP, though he could hold a lower cabinet level position in a future Democratic administration. An even more likely scenario is that he would be the Chief of Staff in his wife's White House, which would definitely fall in a constitutional gray-area that would make for a great Supreme Court drama.


Don Pesci said...

Just joking around.

Don Pesci said...


The atmosphere in Connecticut with respect to Lieberman is just toxic. So, I thought in this piece to aggravate the already agitated opposition because, well, the medicine they liberally dole out to anyone who is willing to treat Lieberman fairly must be good for them too. I didn’t mean to catch you in my nefarious net. Your site is among the best in the country for the Republican minority; keep up the good work.