Saturday, November 11, 2006

What A Difference A Day Makes

Was ever a swift boot in the arse followed so quickly by a kiss and make up smooch?

Hartford Courant Oct. 29: “Her (Rell’s) brand of small-steps stewardship is not what Connecticut needs to tackle some of its most acute problems over the next four years. It needs the boldness she promised when first appointed, but didn't deliver. The state could use a visionary with big ideas, a dynamic leader not afraid to shake up the Land of Calcified Habits in order to effect real change.

“Democrat John DeStefano Jr., 51, the New Haven mayor challenging Mrs. Rell in the Nov. 7 election, comes closer to filling that description. He has the experience and drive to meet issues head on where Mrs. Rell has been mainly content to polish around the edges… The bottom line is that we believe Mr. DeStefano would be more engaged in pushing for the kind of bold change that Connecticut needs.”

Hartford Courant Nov. 8, the day after Rell cleaned DeStefano’s clock: “Though we endorsed her visionary opponent, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, we admired the governor for calming the state at a critical time with her reassuring manner.”

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