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Stormtroopers Invade Hartford

It may be a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Here is a solid block of fascist rhetoric from the Lyndon LaRouche stormtroopers, posted on the LaRouche internet site:

“On Oct. 31, at one of the conferences jointly organized by the United States Embassy in Berlin and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, on the coming American Congressional election, a key operative in the fascist network which, in the United States, has called for the mass murder of Muslims, is being featured. The panel will feature Peter Ross Range, the editor of Blueprint—the magazine of fascist Joe Lieberman's Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in the United States. The event is being chaired by senior Social Democratic Party figure Karsten Voigt.

“The fascist credentials of the DLC are straightforward. Founded with Buckleyite right-wing mafia money, the DLC promotes Cheney-Bush imperial war policies, under the name "Democratic." Thus, it finds itself a useful tool of the Bush Administration, in deploying against the ongoing Eurasian dialogue being run by Lyndon LaRouche.”

The LaRouche stormtroopers on Thursday showed up at Mayor Mike’s restaurant in downtown Hartford to heckle Democrat Sen. Joe Lieberman and William F. Buckley Jr., who was not present at the festivities.

According to one report , a young LaRoucheite “disguised in a wig and make-up as conservative columnist William F. Buckley, began yelling and throwing green ‘Buckley Bucks,’” while a chorus sang a little ditty: “If you want a third world war, vote for Joe, Bill Buckley's whore."

One of the stormtroopers helpfully explained to a reporter that they had “come to Connecticut from around the country specifically to heckle Lieberman because, they said, Buckley supported Lieberman when he unseated Republican U.S. Sen. Lowell Weicker in 1988.”

America! What a country! Some people who in the past have been successfully impaled by Buckley’s National Review magazine write letters to the editor; other vintage wing nuts engage in Abbie Hoffman-like rhetorical pogroms in Hartford bars.

As is usual when leftists overreach and condemn the very behavior they are practicing, disavowals and denunciations from those who benefit by the stormtrooper tactics were either no where in evidence or slow in coming.

Where is Tom D'Amore when you need him; or, for that matter, D'Amore's former boss Lowell Weicker? And the usual defenders of politicians jackbooted by the right; where are they? What flower pots are they hiding behind now?


Anonymous said…
You, a supporter of the fascists in the Bush administration, have your nerve to label as "stormtroopers" those who place themselves in resistance to the same. Have you no shame?
Anonymous said…

Chill out man, have a beer.
Anonymous said…
Three comments already this month!!
Isn't that already a monthly record for this site?
Please remove the "I write political columns for Connecticut newspapers" or at least change it to "A long time ago when I was relevant I use to write political columns for Connecticut newspapers."
Anonymous said…
Where do you get off calling the LaRouche Youths stormtroopers? They are opposing and being brutalized by the stormtroopers! Since when is singing canons with a political message being a stormtrooper?!

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