Saturday, May 27, 2006

Whither Jacklin?

The item – longtime Hartford Courant columnist to leave DeStefano campaign – was noted in a brief Courant AP story of a little over 100 words.

Whither Michele Jacklin?

Guess the gals and guys at the Courant don’t consider this a story, otherwise one of her confederates at the Courant easily could have called Jacklin and asked whether there was any truth the rumor that she planned to join the Ned Lamont campaign as an aide to Tom D’Amore, presently an aide to Ned Lamont, who is currently hankering after Senator Joe Lieberman's seat in Congress. D’Amore was formerly chief cook and bottle washer for former senator and governor Lowell Weicker, the snoring bear who was defeated by Lieberman. D’Amore, Weicker and the gals and guys at the Courant were all once very simpatico. The close ties between political writers and politicians in Connecticut borders on the incestuous.

In any case, there are three possibilities: 1) Jacklin retires from politics and rides off into the sunset, not likely; 2) she joins another campaign as a campaign advisor, maybe. Jacklin joined the DeStefano campaign as an idea producer; 3) she returns to the Courant through its revolving door, possible.

Courant columnist Laurence Cohen, briefly flirted with the Rowland administration before returning to Mama Courant as a columnist. A public policy consultant associated with the libertarian Yankee Institute, Cohen does not appear to be on the staff of the paper. At some point in his checkered past – possibly before he began to fly the libertarian flag -- Cohen was employed by the Courant. Libertarians are second cousins to conservatives, a species not generally found at Connecticut’s only state-wide paper.

Possibilities 1 and 3 would not generate enough juice to light a firefly’s tail. The Courant is used to accepting back prodigal sons that wander off and become embroiled in political campaigns. Charlie Morse, before Jacklin the papers principal political columnist without principles, left the paper to join the Weicker campaign; but everyone knew that Morse was a Weicker step-and-fetch-it, even when he was writing for the Courant.

Only possibility 2 would generate interest, and here the horizon beckons. Everyone in politics on the Democrat side is a liberal like Jacklin – even Lieberman, though his opponent wishes to paint him as a Bush man, and the sky always has been, quite literally, the limit for liberal ex-journalists with political ambitions.

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