Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Kids Take A Recess

The Committee To Tar And Feather Lisa Moody, Tie Her Up With Duct Tape, Throw Her Out The Window And Embarrass Her Boss began its investigative meeting Wednesday, the New Haven Independent reported, “into an Election Enforcement Commission decision on a fundraising mistake made by Gov. M. Jodi Rell's chief of staff and subsequent settlement negotiated by her campaign manager.”

No sooner had the committee convened, the Hartford Courant reported than the kids had to take a recess: “A rank-and-file Democrat asked for a recess. Lawmakers said they tried to remind Caruso and Meyer (both Democrat top-guns) behind closed doors that they should be respectful of the Republicans' complaints.

"The whole tenor of the room seemed to be too tension filled," said Rep. David McCluskey, D-West Hartford, admitting he's worried the bad feelings will only fester. "The thought was, the recess would be one way to clear the air."


Joe McCarthy said...

The hearing probably will "discover" that the election enforcement officer was trying to broaker a deal between Rell's office and the relevant authorities. So, what else is new? Plea bargaining is common in these cases, and a plea presupposes some bargaining authority. No one has yet questioned the propriety of the deal: Moody admitted error, and everyone involved paid fines. So, what's the beef?

Anonymous said...

The beef is that the election enforcement officer shared information with Rell's campaign manager.

Joe McCarthy said...

So what? He was the designated dealer. Would the Dems have been more satisfied if the election enforcement officer had booakered the deal with Rell? Come on!