Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Republican Sweep

The Wall Street Journal, the day after a Republican sweep, acknowledged that President Barack Obama was dealt a tough hand, a deep recession and a financial crisis.

“But in New Jersey especially,” the paper notes, “former Goldman Sachs chief Jon Corzine became governor in the belief his financial industry skills would bring the state's high taxes and high spending under control. He didn't and he lost. If Washington's Democrats keep pushing taxes and spending in the same direction, they may be joining Jon Corzine on the retirement beaches soon.”

Here in Connecticut, Democrats ought to heed the same warning. The depth of the disenchantment with Democrats in Connecticut, as reflected in some astonishing spreads – Torrington: DEM 1796; GOP 6571 – should be worrisome to Democratic leaders who interpreted Obama’s win as a signal that his progressive programs would lift all the Democratic boats.

There is room for second thoughts. And some progressives are beginning to bite their nails.
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