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It’s Not the Polls, Stupid, It’s the Policies

Biden -- The Guardian

For roughly four years, while President Joe Biden winked at an ever increasing tide of unprocessed illegal migrants flooding the vanishing southern border of the United States, Democrats could easily afford to ignore the “crisis.”

No longer. The approaching national and state 2024 elections – and polls showing that illegal immigration is now foremost in voters’ minds – have forced Democrats to face the issue, but not yet here in Connecticut, a deep blue state wedged between political behemoths New York and Massachusetts, where some crucial and vulnerable all-Democrat members of Connecticut’s Congressional are up for reelection.

Connecticut, a state in which Democrats outnumber Republicans by a two-to-one margin, has been a reliable Democrat bastion of political power for the last thirty years. Many of the state’s major cities suffering from severe social disorders have been run by Democrats for decades. The state’s General Assembly is dominated by left of center Democrats, so too are the state’s U.S. Congressional and Constitutional offices. For business reasons and ideological affinity, the state’s left of center media, bending their knees to the ruling class, is less critical than is seemly for objective, non-partisan news operations. Not much in Connecticut has changed for the better since the new neo-progressive ruling class has had its hands on the governing tillers. As the French say – the more things change, the more they remain the same.

It is worth noting that Republican members of the U.S. Congressional Delegation who lost their seats to neo-progressive Democrats always presented themselves to voters as fiscally conservative, socially liberal Republicans. U.S. Representative Chris Shays in Connecticut’s 4th District was the last of this breed of Republicans to be washed out of office by a neo-progressive Democrat. All the Republican members of the U.S. Congressional Delegation have been soundly defeated by President Barack Obama oriented left of center Democrat politicians.

These leftist rough and ready politicians may be forced during the upcoming  2024 elections to defend the awkward neo-progressive foreign and domestic policies of Biden, a president who during his entire term in office has made himself as invisible to the legacy media as the current southern border of the United States is to those most affected by surging illegal migrants.

Nationally, according to many polls, a stiff right wind appears to be blowing and, so it seems to many voters who have in the past reflexively voted Democrat and Independent, a hard rain may be about to fall on business-as- usual Democrat office holders in Connecticut – even among African American and Hispanic urban captives in Democrat cities.

Middling Connecticut Republicans have had little to say to Democrats and Independents abducted by the usual Democrat political rhetoric in the state’s urban areas, but breaches in urban walls have become apparent during the whole of the Biden administration, and there are reasons to suspect that Black and Brown Americans may be casting off their Democrat Party shackles after a decades long captivity in which their economic, moral, and rational sensibilities have been refashioned by post-Marxist neo-progressives with knives in their brains.

Democrats face a number of problems in the upcoming elections. To mention just one in passing, Biden, heading the Democrat ticket in 2024, is no longer an unknown moderate policy dropout. He is, historian and polemicist Victor Davis Hanson tells us, the most dangerously radical Democrat president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Like Roosevelt at the end of his last term in office and Democrat progressive Woodrow Wilson, Biden is, shall we say, infirm in body, mind and spirit. His foreign policy is ruinous, as witness America’s porous southern border and his diffident and changing support for an Israel surrounded and besieged by resolute enemies in the Middle East. His domestic policies are marked by red flags, among them a cumulative inflation rate of about 18 percent, and poll numbers that have shaken the confidence of important Democrats, some of whom are John. F. Kennedy liberal expats.

The case against Biden and his neo-progressive supporters is a strong one. It is yet an open question whether center right Republicans in Connecticut and the Northeast have the wit and courage necessary to make the case.

A good part of rational politics consists in telling people what they already know, but Republican office holders, unlike radical Democrats, have fallen short in the fine art of Machiavellian election year politics. Cringing silence in the face of a disabling radical social transformation of America is no longer an option.


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