Thursday, October 03, 2013

Connecticut’s Charitable Millionaire Politicians

The three Connecticut Democratic millionaires in the state’s all Democratic U.S. Congressional Delegation have decided to forgo their salaries for the duration of the shutdown.

Millionaires Senator Dick Blumenthal and U.S. House members Rosa DeLauro and Jim Himes, will be devoting their salaries to charity, according to a report in the left of center CTMirror.

The three Democratic millionaires – Mr. Blumenthal is the 4th richest senator in congress – probably would have done belter to tie their charity giving to the national debt, which is not likely to dissipate any times soon.

CTMirror did not note in its report that millionaire Linda McMahon threatened at one point in her campaign against Mr. Blumenthal to forgo her prospective congressional salary.

Nor did it note that the three charitable Democratic congress-people were one-percenters who would not likely miss their salaries. Mr. Blumenthal’s salary is pocket change for the 4th richest  member of the U.S. Senate.

Nor did the publication make mention of the usual charitable donations of the millionaires or attempt a comparison with Republicans who once held their seats, all of which just might lead savvy political watchers to conclude that the donations of their salaries to charities is –gasp! – a political stunt on the part of big spending millionaires to advertise their adamantine bonds with Connecticut proletarians.

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Libertarian Advocate said...

All their cute stunt does is tell me that the Dems are getting VERY VERY nervous now.

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