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Connecticut Politics At The Zero

But never met this Fellow
Attended or alone
Without a tighter Breathing
And zero at the bone.
—Emily Dickinson

Connecticut’s far left – Governor Dannel Malloy and U.S. Senator Chris Murphy – have offered public endorsements to New Haven mayoralty candidate Toni Harp, not the brightest thing to do during a Democratic primary campaign. The endorsements have disappointed Hartford Courant commentator Colin McEnroe. The irritant in his shell has produced the following pearl of wisdom:

“Meanwhile, Murphy endorsed Harp. I have no idea why anybody thought this was wise or necessary. It could be an act of solidarity among people who have had difficulty paying their taxes on time, although in this arena Murphy is kind of a penny ante player, with a history of chronic sloppiness about paying his property taxes, but we're talking just a few months late on a few thousand dollars. Meh.”

Columnists live for these moments.

In the meantime, former State Senator Edith Prague has thrown a pitchfork at Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie. Mr. Rennie earlier harpooned Ms. Harp, and Ms. Prague rushed to her defense, berating Mr.Rennie as a “character assassin” and calling upon him to retire. Ms. Prague, the senator from AFSCME , retired from her labors at the General Assembly after about three decades and was rewarded with a $100,000 a year position as the Commissioner of The Department of Aging.

Mr. Rennie’s response to Ms. Prague’s scurrilous attack on journalism may be found here: Never one to hold back i8n a barroom brawl, Mr. Rennie retorted:

“The holder of a make-work commissionership and former legislator, Prague has dipped into her barrel of bile before when I've pointed out Harp’s shortcomings as a guardian of the public trust…”

The 2014 campaign is now officially opened.


Unknown said…
Don would you care to comment or start a discussion on these please:

FORBES: How Did Rich Connecticut Morph Into One Of America's Worst Performing Economies?

JIM HIMES Thinks deficit is goiung down and has decimal points off?
Don Pesci said…

I mentioned the Forbes piece here:
Don Pesci said…
Also I mentioned pretty much all of Powell's data before his piece was written in numerous blog entrees. It's good to have it all in one place though. Some of it may be found in these entrees:
Don Pesci said…
Himes is mentioned here numerous times:

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