Monday, October 08, 2012

Skipping Class with DeLauro

Prior to her first debate with wannabe U.S. Senator Chris Murphy, Linda McMahon was assiduously avoiding most invitations by editorial boards in Connecticut to step into the lion’s den. This infuriated the lions, always hungry for red meat.

If ask why she refused to submit to editorial board interrogatories, Mrs. McMahon might have replied honestly – though honesty is the first casualty of a political campaign – “I’m just tired of  defending WWE,” her former company “from the slings and arrows of outraged left of center editorial board members.” That would have been some sort of a rational answer.

Mrs. McMahon, however, is not the only candidate for election skipping class.

U.S. Representative for life Rosa DeLauro also has been politely refusing invitations from editorial boards. Indeed, she has been refusing to debate her Republican opponent, Wayne Winsley, an energetic, conservative African American who has been peppering Mrs. DeLauro with rhetorical buckshot.

One suspects the visuals would not be propitious for Mrs. DeLauro. Asked for an interview by a reporter, Mrs. DeLauro declined, issuing the standard pap: “Being elected to Congress is an honor. I take every campaign seriously and work hard to earn the trust of the people of the Third Congressional District.” When former Senator Ted Kennedy was challenged by an African American, he declined to appear with him in public venues. So far, Mrs. DeLauro has done the same,0,2996300.story.


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CT Guy said...

asWhat I want from Rosa DeLauro is an explanation of how she went from one of Chrissy Dodd's aides to now being worth more than 16 million dollars on a congressional salary .There is no way her husband's , ( Stanley Greenburg) polling compay is THAT profitablel,even in Washington .