Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Courant Gets Sick Of Sick Days

A Sunday Hartford Courant editorial opposing proposed legislation by state Sen. Edith Prague that would require ailing Connecticut businesses to provide workers with paid sick days for employees was accompanied by a, Englehart cartoon showing Prague as a vampire about to sink her fangs into the soft neck of a businessman.
And in case Prague didn’t get the point, the Courant editorialized, “It simply courts trouble to create another mandate that could pile more costs on employers trying to keep workers on the payroll during a recession.

“Gov. M. Jodi Rell has opposed the sick-day mandate in the past. We hope she remains steadfast.”

Rell has gone a bit wobbly since she announced she did not want to be governor anymore. The budget she is writing for the new legislative session, outlined in a recent state of the state message, is long on short fixes and short on spending cuts.

Democratic vampires over at the legislature likely will not have much to fear either from the Courant or Englehart.

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