Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nighty Nite, Russian serial killer

According to a Reuters story, Alexander Pichushkin’s prison bed is uncomfortable.

"I have lots of time to answer questions. But I'm very tired -- my bed is not very comfortable," Pichushkin said.

“If convicted,” according to the story, “Pichushkin could be Russia's most prolific serial killer. Andrei Chikatilo, the 'Rostov Ripper', was convicted in 1992 and executed in 1994 for raping, butchering and in some cases eating as many as 52 people.”

Actually, Pichushkin has miles to go before he catches up with Stalin, breaker of nations and murderer of millions. All this would be obvious if we could convince U.S. Sen Chris Dodd to organize the convening of a new “Nuremberg trial” to be held – my suggestion – somewhere in Ukraine, where Stalin in the 30’s intentionally arranged a famine, the notorious “terror famine,” that swept Ukraine into the soviet orbit.

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