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The End Is Near

According to the Washington Times, two of the suspects in the attempted bombings in Britain had eyes on the United States. David Hanson, the author of “A War Like No Other,” an account of the Peloponnesian War, sees the West sliding back into Carterville. But, not to worry: Madonna has saved the planet. And Colin McEnroe, once a religious writer for the Hartford Courant, planned to hobnob over the weekend with some Muslims, at least one of whom is a shady character, though not quite so abhorrent to the new left as Sen. Joe Lieberman. In view of the barrage let loose by leftist bloggers on Lieberman, the most amusing line in McEnroe’s piece is this one: “It's no accomplishment at all to hate somebody you've been told to hate. It is quite an achievement to get past those instructions and see the real people.”


Anonymous said…
Ol' Colin used to think less of thimself before moving to West Hartford! The left loves to persist in this naive illusion that they alone see the "real people". It's like a college kid going to Europe for the first time. The food different, architechtures different and they've survived their first encounters with foreigners and found they don't have obvious horns!

A little life experience allows you to look beyond the basics and see real and sometimes frightening differnces with those very real people. The best description was by P.J. O'Rourke "Because one by one and man to man Arab are the salt of the earth - generous, hospitable, brave wise and so forth. But get you in a pack and shove a Koran down your pants and you act like a footlocker full of glus-sniffing civit cats."
Anonymous said…
Glad to see you carrying the torch of the Know Nothings into the 21st century.
Don Pesci said…

The Know Nothings were anti Catholic, like this, courtesy of Helen Ubinas: "We're talking about the Catholic Church here - an organization that can't seem to help but trip over its own callousness. It talks about helping abused children but bends over backward to protect pedophile priests. And that compromise that would have brought emergency contraception to rape victims? In the end, they walked away."

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