Monday, June 04, 2007

Weicker Is Not A Fathead

Peter Urban over at the Connecticut Post has unearthed several comments on Connecticut politicians made by former President Ronald Reagan in a newly published book, “The Reagan Diaries.”

With breathtaking concision, Reagan remarks about then Senator Lowell Weicker:

“Tuesday, March 20, 1984

“We lost the school prayer amendment in the Senate. We had a majority but needed a 2/3 majority. The sad thing is about 15 Sens. were convinced the amendment was a mandate that schools would have to have prayer. Lowell Weicker was the head ringmaster against us as he is on everything we want. He's a pompous, no good, fathead.”

Reagan, of course, was a master of hyperbole, and the short, pithy diary form, comparable to a blog, is not exhaustive. So, perhaps Reagan may be forgiven for calling Weicker a “fathead.” Given his size, Weicker’s head was proportionally not that fat.


Anonymous said...

Further proof that Reagan knew what he was talking about. At least he censored himself in his diary.

Anonymous said...

Weicker was more corrupt than Rowland was as governor. This is the same guy who sells the Hartford Whaler to Peter Karmanos and becomes a member of a Board of this guy's company. Weicker gets stock in Karmanos's company and then sells it for a profit. How come noone is investigating this guy?

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