Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Clowns Out, Caruso In

The Connecticut Post is reporting that State Rep. Chris Caruso will enter the race for mayor of Bridgeport as a frontrunner.

Caruso will skip the usual formalities, such as being nominated by his party to run for mayor, because, Caruso said, “"I think the city is ripe for change. I hear it every day. They don't want the same circus with different clowns."

Even Sen. Joe Lieberman, when he decided to run as an Independent Democrat in the general election after his defeat in a primary, did not go quite so far as to call the leaders of his party clowns. But then, Caruso has fashioned himself as one of those rare politicians who, like former senator and governor Lowell Weicker and Lieberman, are able to rise above party interests and do the right thing for the people he represents.

And isn't it about time Bridgeport had a white knight as mayor?


mccommas said...

I hope you were being sarcastic!

Don Pesci said...

Odd that in some quaters he is not treated with the same contempt as Lieberman, though the parellels are there.

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