Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dodd Runs Bolton Out Of Dodge

Republican successes are punished unremittingly by partisan Democrats.

If one reads just the Connecticut press, and nothing else, one must suppose that U.S. delegate to the United Nations John Bolton was a failure during his short term in the UN.

That is not true. As Robert Novak notes in a column on U.S. Senator Chris Dodd and Bolton. And, of course, Dodd supported those who refused to bring to a floor vote Bolton's nomination to the post, congress' way of executing the prisoner and then washing one's hands of the business, the coward's way out.

Some responsible journalists, David Lightman of the Hartford Courant among them, continue to refer to Dodd as a senator who rarely opposes presidential nominees. Dodd now has at least two notches on his pistol – representing Reich and Bolton – and one wonders how many more Bush nominees Dodd must successfully run out of Dodge before reporters stop referring to him as one who generally believes that presidents should have the opportunity to choose their appointees and begin to realize that Connecticut’s senator, unlike his father Tom Dodd, is not hostile to dictators who are hostile to the interests of the United States.

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