Wednesday, October 06, 2010

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce To Blumenthal: Take A Hike

The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce has released a political ad that will not please those in the U.S. Senate campaign of Richard Blumenthal who no doubt have by now instructed the job killing attorney general how jobs are produced.

It is not the friendliest of ads. A black and white ad is almost always a portent of impending disaster.

This one begins with a distressed lady sitting at a table, possibly filing out a job application for a position that may not be available. Written on the floor in red letters are the words “Rising Unemployment,” followed by a voice over, “Rising unemployment means families are suffering. And after 40 years in politics, can Richard Blumenthal handle the truth about his record.”

Up pops a black and white picture of young Richard stranding before the White House, followed by a split picture showing Mr. Blumenthal sharing a frame with former Attorney General of New York Elliot Spitzer. Voiceover: “He’s been crushing small businesses for years with thousands of frivolous lawsuits, forcing some to close. His sue first and ask questions later stampede has earned him the worst attorney general in the nation in 2007…”

Pretty hard hitting stuff from a respected business organization.

"We hear from our small business members about the impact and consequences of frivolous lawsuits, said Chamber spokesman J.P. Fielder, “so that's what we're trying to highlight. Our ads are going to focus on economic issues and how they're going to impact job-creation."
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