Monday, June 04, 2007

Weicker Is Not A Fathead

Peter Urban over at the Connecticut Post has unearthed several comments on Connecticut politicians made by former President Ronald Reagan in a newly published book, “The Reagan Diaries.”

With breathtaking concision, Reagan remarks about then Senator Lowell Weicker:

“Tuesday, March 20, 1984

“We lost the school prayer amendment in the Senate. We had a majority but needed a 2/3 majority. The sad thing is about 15 Sens. were convinced the amendment was a mandate that schools would have to have prayer. Lowell Weicker was the head ringmaster against us as he is on everything we want. He's a pompous, no good, fathead.”

Reagan, of course, was a master of hyperbole, and the short, pithy diary form, comparable to a blog, is not exhaustive. So, perhaps Reagan may be forgiven for calling Weicker a “fathead.” Given his size, Weicker’s head was proportionally not that fat.
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