Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Bridgeport’s Incestuous Single Party State

In a one party town such as Bridgeport, politics tends to be incestuous. There are no quarrels more vicious than family quarrels, because in a family quarrel there is no outside mediating instrument to soften manners, no coach to make sure the teams abide by the rules.

“Three weeks from today,” Lennie Grimaldi notes on his popular site Only in Bridgeport,  "the Democratic primary for mayor between Bill Finch and Mary-Jane Foster begins at 6 a.m. The road to the primary has taken a bizarre route, but what’s a Bridgeport mayoral election without a judge involved, eh? Does anyone think we’re done with controversy involving local and state election officials? Look for the Foster camp to fire off letters to city and state officials demanding accountability. What assurances can Democratic Registrar Santa Ayala and Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, the state’s chief election official, give the Foster camp that an election will be honest, clean and transparent? Don’t hold your breath. Not after the madness from the past year and personalities involved.”


Jonathan Kantrowitz said...

What's with the quotes in the last paragraph? Is that all Lennie or is it you?

Don Pesci said...

It's Lennie. See the link.