Saturday, November 03, 2007

Triangulating Hillary: The Morning After

It may be a hopeful sign that Big Media still considers vacuity a no-no in politics.

Sen. Hillary Clinton has taken a few raps for her performance at the last Democrat debates, and the rapping appears to have come from both sides of the political barricades.

Following Clinton’s dance of death at the Democrat debate, John Edwards told an audience in South Carolina that Hillary hasn’t been candid with voters. It has not been recorded in press accounts of the South Carolina meet-up whether the audience was shocked – really, SHOCKED! – that yet another politician was found lacking in candor.

"Since the debate,” Edwards said, “we've continued to hear spin, smoke and mirrors — the same kind of double talk — to get away from the very serious issues that are in front of us in this campaign.”

Barak Obama pointed out that although he was black and had been hit hard during the debate on various foreign policy issues, he sucked it all up and “didn't come out and say look I'm being hit on because I look different from the rest of the folks on the stage.”

Following the debate, Hillary went weeping to Wellesley College, where she made arch references to the "all boys club of presidential politics.” A fund raising letter styled Hillary “one tough woman” and deplored the “six on one” debate rape.

Meanwhile, across the country, arch-triangulator Bill Clinton – white male, Hillary’s husband and ex-president – defended both himself and his wife from charges, darkly hinted at by debate moderator Tim Russert, that the Clintons had been resisting the release from the National Archives of the former First Lady’s papers.

His wife could not have known, Bill said, that he had written a second letter in 2002 requesting that the National Archives release his papers ASAP.

The debate moderators, Bill contended, had played "gotcha" with his wife while lobbing softball questions to her rivals.

This is somewhat true. Actually, Russert lobbed a fragging device at U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd, which was adroitly avoided.

During Sunday’s televised presidential debate, Dodd allowed that he “might” join the three Democrat presidential frontrunners -- Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, and former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina -- in supporting “some version of proposals to hike taxes on highly-compensated deal-makers and hedge fund managers,” but he was worried about intended consequences and was seeking to "act responsibly."

In a masterful report, the Journal Inquirer has peeled the lid from that can or worms.

According to the senator’s latest FEC report, the paper said, “29 individuals associated with six charter members of the Private Equity Council - which is reported to have spent millions lobbying against the proposed tax hike - gave a total of $65,100 to his presidential campaign committee over the summer.”

The all boys club was not amused at Hillary’s dodge-ball performance.

Neither was uber-progressive Gail Collins, a New York Times columnist; is there any other kind of New York Times columnists?

Ms. Collins – who, as a woman, belongs to the same all-girls club as Hillary – averred that “you would have to be a very, very committed Hillaryite to be comfortable listening two solid hours of dodging and weaving on everything from her vote on the Iran resolution to her husband’s attempt to keep records of their White House communications secret until after 2012.”

It is unknown at this point who precisely Ms. Collins intends to vote for among the Democrat candidates in the upcoming elections – certainly not Joe Lieberman, Everyliberal’s bete noir.

Ms. Collins is playing her cards close to her vest, and not even an insistent Russert will be able to wrest the information from her.

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