Tuesday, November 27, 2007

That makes one vote: Brother Tom on Christy

"Tom Dodd, who is currently touring Iowa on behalf of his brother, Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, was a different type of visitor from what the students had previously encountered. He served as U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay from 1997 to 2001 and then as ambassador to Costa Rica until 2005. Last year he authored a third book, "Tiburcio Carias: Portrait of a Honduran Political Leader," about the longest-serving head of the Honduran government. In addition, Tom Dodd serves as adjunct professor in the school of foreign service at Georgetown University and has previously taught at the Escuela de Estudios Superiores in Mexico.

"The former ambassador discussed how the life of the younger brother he refers to as "Christy" and his own have often been on parallel tracks, despite a 10-year age difference.

"'He went into a life of politics and got interested in Latin America as a Peace Corps volunteer,' Dodd said. 'I went into academic life. But we interact a lot because of his work with the Foreign Relations Committee. I've watched him build many bridges between United States and Latin America leaders. I also watched him build bridges -- such as trade agreements -- among and between Latin American leaders.'"

Brother Christy has yet to comment expansively on Hugo Chavez, who is now positioning himself as the new Fidel Castro in Latin America after the old turd kicks the bucket

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