Thursday, January 08, 2015

A Tale Of Two Parties

First there was the inaugural parade, very sparsely attended, to judge by a Chris Keating video.

This was the people’s chance to congratulate Governor Dannel Malloy on his re-election to office. They stayed home. It was bitterly cold outside. And, then too, people have often seen the governor marching in parades.

The usual union attendees stayed home too – bitterly cold.

The inaugural ball was a much better attended affair. This was the politician’s party, held as usual inside the state armory, a stone’s throw from the Legislative Office Building, which is a stone’s throw from the State Capitol building, both playgrounds of politicians, lobbyists and political staff. The armory was brimming with warm bodies and smiling faces.

If you are a politician, it is always better to be in than out.

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