Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ayres on Obama

Real Clear Politics picked up Bill Ayres, drove him around the block and asked the unapologetic terrorist whether he thinks Mr. Obama should be tried for war crimes. The answer, Mr. Ayers said, was “Absolutely!” Mr. Obama has yet to be driven around the block or asked what his current feelings towards Mr. Ayres are.

Mr. Obama has always claimed that his acquaintance with Mr. Ayres was fleeting and unimportant, a characterization some questioned. Their putatively historically “accurate” autobiographies are both larded with fictitious characters and episodes. Mr. Obama recovered politically from his momentary alliance with Mr. Ayres -- the publisher of “Prairie Fire,” a communist manifesto -- who also recovered from his disreputable past. Presently, Mr. Ayres is a celebrated pedagogue, a follower of Paulo Frere, author of “The Pedagogy of the Oppressed," a book that had a certain revolutionary cachet in the post Woodstock era and was thought by some to have ushered in decades of educational destruction.

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