Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The New Era

A new era has begun in Connecticut. The General Assembly, the under ticket and the gubernatorial office all are now owned by Democrats. The future opens to us. What will it be like?

The Democratic Party has owned the General Assembly for decades. The Republican Party – a rump party, but a promising one – has been able to offer only token resistance to left of center Democrats in the legislature and the media, sometimes over the objections of Republican governors. Now that Democrats own the gubernatorial office, the General Assembly and the under ticket, one might assume that Democrats will at long last be forced to own the problems they have created. This optimistic view grossly underestimates both the ambition and the recourses available to Democrats. Under the Malloy-Dovovan regime, Governor Jodi Rell will become the new Bush, a chief administrator who, once out of office, will become little more than a bulletin board upon which Democrats can pin their excuses. For these reasons, we should all expect the future to be a reprise of the past, only in a higher key. There will be higher spending, higher borrowing and higher taxes. However, we can all reassure ourselves that Connecticut, at long last, has the kind of government that Connecticut’s left of center media believes is appropriate for us.
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