Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Blumenthal’s Suits

Following Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s debate with Merrick Alpert at the University of Hartford, most press reports quoted Blumenthal on the role he claims to have played in facilitating business in Connecticut through suits:

Alpert: "… we have less jobs since he’s been in office. I would ask one question of the attorney general: How many jobs have your suits created?"

Blumenthal: "… Our law suits, our legal actions, actually create jobs, because businesses actually welcome competition and a level playing field.”

There follows a list of corporations in which the plaintiff has had an AG appearance. The list covers only the time from 1/1/07 to the present. The list includes, in this order: the company name, followed by the court docket number, followed by the case name.

A compehensive and readable list may be found here.

 The list is continued here.
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