Thursday, February 22, 2007

Taking Care Of Business

The item in the Courant about Rep John Larson, a new powerhouse in the US Senate, is mercifully short, only a little more than 200 words. The Courant buried it in the fat of its folds on page 100043B. Now if only Rowland got that kind of inattention – the name of the “business” is not even mentioned – he still might be governor.

It remains for a reporter more curious than Mark Peters and a newspaper more agressive towards Democrats than the Courant -- which, during the late election, endorsed all the US Democrat congressional candidates -- to find out who is the Peter Ellef of the group. And how much do these guys make anyway?

According to the Courant story, “A federally funded technology center in East Hartford that has been championed by U.S. Rep. John B. Larson has appointed the congressman's chief of staff," Elliot Ginsberg, as its first chief executive officer.

The three year old center, which employs 35 people and "relies primarily on federal and state funding" is connected to regional technology-based companies, "including the defense industry."

“It works with companies on new products, helps small start-up firms and promotes technology careers for students. The center is currently developing laboratories for laser applications and modeling and simulation for use by regional companies.

“Ginsberg was a perfect match for the position, said John Carson, chairman of the center's board of directors.

"’He has an intimate knowledge of the industry, the economy and possesses the leadership skills,’" Carson said.

"Before working for Larson, Ginsberg served as a Superior Court magistrate, commissioner of the state Department of Human Resources and was an adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work.

"Ginsberg will be prohibited from lobbying Larson's office for federal funding for a year because of his association with the congressman. The center did not disclose Ginsberg's salary."

And after the year is over, Larson and his pals can go into the campaign finance shakedown business. Move over Jack Abramoff.

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Dave Moelling said...

That was my biggest complaint about the Courant before I dropped it. They have no nose for news, or probably no political inclination for pursuing certain stories.

I could have lived with the lefty orientation, but not following up on stuff dangled in your face is inexcusable. But this is what people want to buy a newspaper for, the hidden facts. No wonder circulation is declining.

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