Friday, May 27, 2016

Death In A Closet: The Knife Did It

Casey Chadwick’s friend opened the door to a closet on June 15 a little less than a year ago, he found her body stuffed in a dark corner drenched in blood. At the trial of Jean Jacques, an illegal Haiti alien, a medical examiner would later tell a jury how she died. Jacques had slashed and stabbed Ms. Chadwick 15 times. A severed jugular vein and carotid artery caused her to lose 40 percent of her blood within seconds of the attack.

Jean Jacques was convicted of murder on April 11 and will be sentenced June 6 by Judge Barbara Jongbloed. The convicted murderer faces between 25 years and 60 years in prison. Connecticut’s Democrat dominated General Assembly a few years ago abolished the state’s death penalty for all capital murder crimes, however heinous.

This was the second time around the block for Mr. Jacques. Having earlier been convicted of attempted murder, he was sentenced to 17 years in prison. Upon release, Mr. Jacques should have been remanded to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and deported back to Haiti. Even now it is unclear whether ICE had physical or administrative custody of Mr. Jacques three times and failed to deport him each time.

Wendy Hartling, Ms.  Chadwick’s mother, wants to know who slipped on her daughter’s blood. She had been given to understand that Connecticut prison authorities should have delivered their prisoner to ICE officials. Connecticut official have pointed an accusing finger at ICE. When ICE did not pick up their package, Connecticut authorities washed their hands of the matter. Following the murder, ICE claimed it previously had tried and failed to deport Mr. Jacques to Haiti, which would not accept him without proper citizenship papers. At the completion of his 17 year sentence, Mr. Jacques was jailed once more on a parole violation and then released in January.

One bloody hand washes the other: An illegal alien who had been convicted of attempted murder spends 17 (SEVENTEEN) years in the custody of  Connecticut’s prison officials, the guest of Michel Lawlor, Governor Dannel Malloy’s Under Secretary for Criminal Justice Policy and Planning; having served his time, Mr. Jacques escapes the prehensile grasp of both ICE and Connecticut prison authorities and then murders Ms. Chadwick, not the sort of turn of events that would make any citizen of the state sleep soundly in their beds.

Judicial Watch, the organization responsible for prying loose through a FOI suit many of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unvetted and incriminating-mails, has taken an interest in the case. “The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General,” according to Judicial Watch, “has reluctantly agreed to ‘investigate’ how the agency could possibly fail to deport an illegal immigrant with a serious criminal record at least three times, allowing him to murder a young woman in Connecticut. Pressure from the state’s congressional delegation landed the probe on the busy watchdog’s lengthy list of ‘ongoing projects,’ so interested parties shouldn’t hold their breath for answers.”

Among the interested parties are Connecticut’s two U.S. Senators, Dick Blumenthal, for twenty years Connecticut’s Attorney General, and Chris Murphy.

Mr. Blumenthal has spent nearly all the years of his public service muscling businesses on behalf of consumers, a politically rewarding activity he has continued in the Senate. He may be just the man to light a fire under ICE. There are, of course, countervailing political eddies pushing such cases to and fro.

Judicial Watch notes: “Well known for supporting illegal immigrant rights, the Connecticut lawmakers are only demanding answers because Chadwick’s murder occurred in their backyard. In fact, both senators helped block a bill last year that would have stripped federal policing grants from sanctuary cities and states like Connecticut. Now they’re getting the runaround from ICE which has responded to their ‘repeated inquiries’ in an ‘incomplete and unsatisfactory’ manner, according to a joint announcement. The lawmakers also blast ICE, stating that it is ‘unacceptable’ that the agency failed to remove the Haitian illegal alien considering his criminal record.”

Everyone involved in this mishap – if a brutal murder of one of Mr. Blumenthal’s innocent constituents may be called such – is very busy. Mr. Blumenthal, Connecticut’s first consumer protection Senator, is very busy doing what for his entire public career he has done best: inserting himself between consumer protection “crises” and television cameras. ICE’s Inspector General is very busy inspecting things. Mr. Murphy is busy attempting to pass legislation that will “protect” his constituents from law abiding gun owners. Governor Dannel Malloy is busy valiantly attempting to persuade Connecticut’s unions they must surrender some of their political prerogatives because the state has entered a “new reality.” And, all the culpable people – ICE, Connecticut all carrot and no stick penological mare’s nest – are pointing accusing fingers at each other.

Casey Chadwick’s mother is less busy. She sits at home wondering how long her daughter’s body will remain in the closet, whether the "mishap" has been corrected, whether someone else’s daughter will be brutally murdered by yet another illegal alien who has turned to drug running to make a living, confident that in Connecticut’s "new reality" no one is manning the state’s penology ship.

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