Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Suzio to Governor – “Suspend “Early Release,” Convene Special Legislative Session Now!”

The following was released to the media by Len Suzio

Former State Senator Len Suzio, Connecticut's leading critic of the Early Release program, called upon Governor Malloy to immediately suspend the controversial Early Release program and convene a special session of the Legislature to repeal the law as it pertains to criminals guilty of violent crime or crimes related to sex and drug dealing.

“Today we witnessed court proceedings of a criminal (Arthur Hapgood) who had participated in the notorious "Early Release" program who is now charged with the murder of a one-year old infant in Bristol. Nearly 50,000 criminals have been let out of our prisons prematurely to terrorize our neighborhoods and families. We have seen murders, carjackings, sexual assaults and all sorts of crimes committed by criminals who have not reformed their lives and who have been let out of our prisons early because of the reckless and irresponsible ‘Early Release’ law conceived by Mike Lawlor and approved by the Legislature in 2012. The murder and mayhem must stop now”, said Suzio.

“We can’t wait for the Legislature to convene next year to reconsider this ill-conceived law. Every day new crimes are being committed by hardened criminals who have not been reformed by this tragically failed program. There is no time to waste. I call upon Governor Malloy to SUSPEND EARLY RELEASE NOW and convene a special session of the Legislature to address this fatally flawed law before another innocent citizen is murdered. Instead of coddling violent criminals it’s time for the governor to put the safety of our families first”, Suzio concluded.

Len Suzio is a former state senator from Meriden

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