Friday, December 02, 2016

Blumenthal To Trump: No Honeymoon

U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal, Connecticut’s consumer protection Congressman, might have been speaking of the Clinton Foundation, a mare’s nest of government-corporation entanglement, when he mused, “Time is not on our side. We really need to move quickly, because the longer it goes without some scrutiny or oversight, the more general acceptance there will be. We need to create this sense of outrage and alarm that pieces of the government are being sold and compromised.”

But of course, he wasn’t.  Mr. Blumenthal was drawing a bead on President-Elect Donald Trump. Apparently, there is to be no honeymoon during this post-election season. It used to be considered seemly to wait a few weeks into a Presidency before the political opposition began to seed the political theatre with their Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).

Mr. Blumenthal and Company, we are advised by a piece in Politico, “Democrats salivate over Trump business conflicts," are anxious to begin their work of destruction – even before Mr. Trump has been sworn in as President.

Mr. Blumenthal has had lengthy experience in business demolition. As Attorney General in Connecticut for more than 20 years, Mr. Blumenthal had shown himself to be well versed in the art. When he left the Attorney General’s office to assume his consumer protection duties in the U.S. Congress, Mr. Blumenthal left behind more than 500 cases in which businessmen were left on hooks in Mr. Blumenthal’s prosecutorial dungeon for years; the cases were quickly disposed of by incoming Attorney General George Jepsen. The only business Mr. Blumenthal has no interest in regulating appears to be Planned Parenthood, the abortion provider and baby-parts merchant.

Mr. Blumenthal will be assisted in his efforts by New York Senator Charles Schumer. Upon being chosen as the new Democrat Minority Leader, Mr. Schumer vowed,  “I am going to wake up every single day focused on how Senate Democrats can effectively fight for America's middle class and those struggling to join it.” Possibly, Mr. Blumenthal and Mr. Schumer are suffering from an advanced case of Nietzschean ressentiment

Mr. Trump has been stealing Democratic Party flags. In the manner of Mr. Blumenthal waving a suit at one of his victims, Mr. Trump – whose campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again” – has just persuaded Greg Hayes, the CEO of United Technology (UTC), to refrain from closing a Carrier plant in Indiana. Reuters noted  that “Carrier's parent, United Technologies, has a strong incentive to keep good relations with Trump and his incoming administration, given that a portion of its estimated $57 billion revenue this year will come through U.S. military contracts at its Pratt & Whitney and UTC Aerospace Systems units.” The money lost by Mr. Hayes in keeping in Indiana a plant scheduled to be moved to Mexico would be more than offset by President-Elect Trump’s business corporation tax cut. That is a deal Mr. Malloy has yet to strike with companies in Connecticut anxious to cut labor costs by moving to more tax friendly states in which business regulations are minimal. These are states that have escaped Mr. Blumenthal’s regulatory afflatus.  

Not bad deal making for a President-Elect. And Mr. Trump has vowed to restore American military power by insisting that submarine builders increase production to three rather than two subs a year. Newly re-elected Democratic Representative Joe Courtney – known as “two-sub Joe” – is doubtless pleased, because in two years he will be able to run for re-election as “three sub Joe.”

According to Politico, “Blumenthal, a veteran federal prosecutor and state Attorney General, already has called for an independent counsel to take over federal investigations of Deutsche Bank under Trump, given that the bank has lent the President-Elect hundreds of millions of dollars for several of his real estate projects. And he's not done strategizing.

“’I am thinking seriously about new tools and mechanisms that have to be devised and implemented’ to conduct oversight of Trump, Blumenthal said.”

One wonders if the application of Mr. Blumenthal’s ingenious tools and mechanisms to the flag stealer just might produce some unfortunate retaliatory consequences for Connecticut. Mr. Trump so far has had little difficulty in deciding who are his friends and enemies.

We now know that Trump stole more than Democratic position papers. While the Democratic Party was off flirting with progressives, Trump was offering a marriage proposal to vanquished and forgotten moderate Democrats and Republicans unembarrassed by the tears shed by their founder, Abraham Lincoln, over the war dead, the oppressed, the toiling masses and those ghettoized by self-seeking politicians who at every moment thrust out their chests and pose absurdly as saviors of the people, when in fact they are eating out the substance of our representative Republic.

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