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Suzio: "Early Release" Criminal charged with Murder of Infant

This is a media advisory released by Len Suzio

Len Suzio (b. January 4, 1948) is a 2014 Republican candidate for District 13 of the Connecticut State Senate. He previously served in the chamber, representing the same seat from 2011 to 2013. He was elected in a special electionon February 22, 2011, to fill the vacancy created when Thomas Gaffey (D) left office after pleading guilty to misdemeanor larceny charges Ballotpedia

Suzio: "Early Release" Criminal charged with Murder of Infant

Arrested suspect charged with murder of 1 year old girl received "risk reduction credits"
"Risk reduction credits don't work and don't correlate with reduced risk" - Len Suzio

Date: August 22, 2014

 Former State Senator Len Suzio, Connecticut's leading critic of the Early Release program, revealed that Arthur Hapgood, arrested for the murder of a 1 year old infant in Bristol this week, was a graduate of  Connecticut's controversial "early release" program.  Hapgood, who had an extensive criminal history, received 233 days of "risk reduction credits" allowing him to leave prison almost 8 months early.

"Once again we are confronted with more dramatic evidence of the utter failure of Mike Lawlor's Early Release Program”, Suzio stated. “This violent criminal joins a growing list of Early Release graduates who were let go early and not rehabilitated by Mr. Lawlor's spectacularly and tragically failed program," said Suzio.

"The Early Release Program is suppose to reduce risk of criminal behavior, but experience shows the program has had little or no impact on the criminal behavior of convicts who have participated in the program. Far from reducing the risk of crime to the community the program accelerates the exposure of the community to violent criminals. Murder, rape, robberies, assaults and other violent crimes continue to be committed by unreformed, and unrepentant criminals let loose under Mike Lawlor's Early Release Law," Suzio stated.

"For more than 2 years I have publicly exposed crimes committed by criminals who benefited from this dangerous law and I will continue to do so until the Legislature repeals the early release of violent criminals", concluded Suzio.

Len Suzio is a former state senator and is a candidate for the 13th State Senate District that includes Meriden, Middlefield, Cheshire and Middletown.

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