Monday, July 29, 2013

A Museum Of His Own

Ralph Nader, the nation’s consumer protection nag, is opening in Connecticut a museum that will memorialize his continuing effort to bring Big Business to its knees by means of suits and moral agitation.

The museum, the American Museum of Tort Law,  will be located in Mr. Nader’s hometown of Winsted, an inoffensive, small, New England town located at the junction of the Mad and Still Rivers. One of the first mill towns in Connecticut, Winsted was established in 1750. Mill towns are themselves becoming museum pieces in New England, manufacturing having fled to greener pastures elsewhere.

It was from Winsted in times past that Mr. Nader set out to do battle with Chevrolet, the producer of the Corvair. The car’s swing axle suspension was prone to “tuck under” in certain circumstances, rendering it “Unsafe At Any Speed,” the title of Mr. Nader’s first book.

Mr. Nader’s museum will house an ancient Corvair, last produced in the early 1960s, Mr. Nader's out-sized ego, and some tasty torts. 
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