Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Tales of Kerry

In Germany, anti-Vietnam War protestor, longtime Senator from Massachusetts, wind sail surfer, husband of ketchup multi-millionairess Teresa Heinz Kerry and Secretary of State John Kerry “recalled for young Germans Tuesday when he snuck out of the American embassy in divided postwar Berlin at age 12 for a clandestine bicycle ride into the Soviet-controlled eastern part of the city.

“'I saw the difference between east and west,' said Kerry, who had lived in Berlin in 1954 with his family and American diplomat father. 'I saw the people wearing darker clothing. There were fewer cars. I didn't feel the energy or the movement.'”

This is the same fellow who compared American soldiers in Vietnam to Genghis Khan.

The Germans don’t know it yet, but some of what he says should be taken with “a ton of salt,” Mark Twain’s formulation.

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