Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spooking The Boobs

Unlike the case in the national scene, it’s nearly impossible for Democrats in the General Assembly to blame Republicans for delays in passing a weapons ban bill, since Democrats control both houses of the General Assembly and the governorship. The most they can do is to express impatience concerning the deliberative nature of the legislature and promise to spook thoughtful legislators.

Below, in a report written by the Harford Courant’s Jon Lender, State Senate President Pro Tempore Don Williams pledges to overcome Republican recalcitrance. Actually, what is – and should be – holding up legislation are reports from crime investigators, a report from a General Assembly panel and a report from a panel assembled by Governor Dannel Malloy. Mr. Williams is just spooking the boobs. Honorable people in the General assembly should be impatient with Mr. Williams’ impatience.

“A week after Gov. Dannel P. Malloy got tired of waiting for a legislative task force to recommend gun-control legislation in response to the Newtown school massacre — and then proposed his own — the top leader of the Democratic-controlled state Senate said Thursday that ‘frankly, I'm losing patience,’ too.

“State Senate President Pro Tempore Donald Williams, said he plans as early as March 13, with or without bipartisan support, to push through a strong gun-control bill in line with the Democratic governor's recommendations last week.”
And here is Williams' bumb's rush for Republicans:

"We never agreed to give the minority party veto power over basic reforms. And I consider closing the loopholes in our existing assault weapons ban, and our regulating high-capacity magazines, to be basic reforms. The people of Connecticut deserve a vote. …We all know that it is the strategy of those who would block these reforms — the [National Rifle Association] and its allies — to delay the process [and] wait until the 'Connecticut effect' wears off."


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