Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tammy Z And The Real Deal

When I last talked to Tami Z – her smile can be seen from Pluto – my thought was: Here’s luck for the Republican Party.

Mrs. Zawistowski is a Republican candidate for State Representative in the 61st District, which includes Suffield, East Granby and Windsor, CT.

She is a business owner at a time when business is suffering under the hammer blows of a Democratic assault on free enterprise and a woman who very likely will be able to withstand the laughably absurd charge that the Republican Party is prosecuting a “war against women,” the Dem’s new all-purpose bumper-sticker slogan for Campaign 2012.

Tami Z -- Republican of the Year in 2011, Small Business Leader of the Year 2011, former Executive Vice President of Northeast Savings in Hartford, former Assistant Director of the UConn Center for Real Estate and Economic Studies, the Vice Chair of East Granby Board of Finance – presently is the owner of Resource Books, LLC.

Beyond all this, Tami Z, who has made her own way in the world, has lived her eventful life with her eyes opened.

A large part of the campaign strategy employed by incumbent Democrats this year will be to refocus public attention from Connecticut’s continuing economic downslide – and, more importantly, the destructive prescriptions offered by incumbents to solve such problems as entrepreneurial flight from Connecticut’s punishing high taxes and burdensome regulations – to sexy campaign formulas scripted by National Democrats in Washington DC, the same crew of Chicago politicians  who have not been able to produce a balanced budget in three years. Hence “the Republican war on women.”

Both Connecticut’s governor and most cob-webbed covered Democratic incumbents in the state – too few of whom are women – have signed on to the same script. The real operative slogans of the current Democratic Party in Connecticut are: 1) “There is no enemy to the left,” one of the reasons the party has drifted so far from its roots; and 2) “Permanent tax increases, temporary cost savings.”

That is what the state’s first Democratic governor in more than 20 years and the state’s Democratic dominated General Assembly have and will continue to deliver: a steady policy drift leftward, higher taxes, and temporary cost savings.

Tami Z knows that, despite the too ardent Democratic Party claims to the contrary, women already are IN THE BOAT to which President John Kennedy made reference when he said “A rising tide lifts all the boats,” thereafter cutting taxes and simplifying regulations to spur a stalled economy.

When the tide rises, women prosper as well as men. When the tide is in recession, they suffer the same deprivations – which fall most heavily on those who are struggling to make their way in a world full of false promises and solutions that drive real progress backwards.

Such women, she told me, will no longer be satisfied with political slogans, the equivalent of romantic sweet talk. Their eyes are open. They want the Real Deal.

Tami Z’s campaign site is here.

Her Facebook page is here.

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