Thursday, January 05, 2012

Malloy The Busybody Bee

The picture of Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy given us by reporter Ted Mann in a twelve part series is that of a self-assured reformer perpetually on the go. Mr. Malloy is in a hurry to re-invent Connecticut. He is everywhere in the state, doing everything, his calendar of events much more crowded than that of his predecessor, former Governor Jodi Rell. If Mrs. Rell was the turtle governor, Mr. Malloy is the chief executive hare.

The most recent media release of the New Year, soon to be supplanted by dozens of others, is captioned: “THURSDAY: GOV. MALLOY DONATES BLOOD; HOLDS CEREMONIAL SIGNING OF JACKSON LABS BILL; ATTENDS AGRICULTURAL MEETING; SPEAKS AT EDUCATION WORKSHOP; ATTENDS TOWN HALL MEETING IN NORWICH.” Reporters in the state might not be surprised should they receive from Mr. Malloy’s various a release announcing that the governor next Thursday will be spit shining Mintaka, the third star in Orion’s Belt.

Newt Gingrich, a Republican presidential wannabe, has been criticized by some Republicans as being a trifle ambitious. Two decades ago, Mark Steyn writes in National Review, “… in one of his many Post-it notes to himself, Newt wrote: ‘Gingrich – primary mission. Advocate of civilization. Definer of civilization. Teacher of the rules of civilization.” One misses, the modern period, the charming modesty of George Washington who, through his actions and example, did a great deal to define the political culture of his day.

What is one to make of a candidate for the presidency who writes a Post-it note to himself that his primary mission is to define civilization? Or, for that matter, a Democratic governor of Connecticut, who has pledged to re-invent Connecticut?
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