Saturday, January 07, 2012

Curry On Obama The Populist

Another rumor about President Barack Obama has been exploded, this time by Bill Curry, a two term state senator defeated by moderate Republican Nancy Johnson. Mr. Curry held a seat previously held by Toby Moffett, once a progressive legislator, now a big time Beltway lobbyist who most recently was in the news explaining why he was proud to represent a country that seems determined to eradicate Christian Copts.

Mr. Curry is famous enough to enjoy face time on Wikipedia where it is recorded that “During his political career Curry has been the favored candidate of liberal Connecticut Democrats and pundits frequently at odds with the old style moderate policies favored by such figures as former Governor William O'Neill and former party chairman John Droney.”

The false rumor had it Mr. Obama was planning to buy the late Katharine Hepburn’s estate on the Fenwick waterfront in Connecticut.

Absurd, said Mr. Curry, the author of a soon to be released book on Mr. Obama titled “Barack Obama and the Politics of Populism.”

If the rumor had been true, it might have affected the sales of Mr. Curry’s book. “If he bought it, he wouldn't be practicing the politics of populism."
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