Friday, March 26, 2010

The View From Cuba

Retired Cuban dictator Fidel Castro issued a report card of sorts on the administration of President Barack Obama from his perch in the state controlled media where he maintains a column.

Sad to say, relations between Cuba and the United States have soured – again – after an impertinent American bureaucrat announced the United States was alarmed by Cuba’s treatment of its prisoners, one of whom died in February after a long hunger strike.

Castro and Cuba, a distinction without a difference, were irked when Cuba was included earlier in the year on a list of countries the United States considers state sponsors of terrorism.

In an essay at the end of March, Castro characterized Obama as a "fanatic believer in capitalist imperialism" but Castro folded a few sweets into his column, praising Obama "unquestionably intelligent. I hope that the stupid things he sometimes says about Cuba don't cloud over that intelligence.”

In his lengthy piece, Castro praised Obama for having pushed his health care plan through a bitterly divided congress. The reform, Castro thought was a “miracle” and victory for the Obama presidency.

And then, spreading ashes over the compliments, the self congratulatory Castro found the Unites States wanting in a comparison with his own utopia.

"It is really incredible that 234 years after the Declaration of Independence ... the government of that country has approved medical attention for the majority of its citizens, something that Cuba was able to do half a century ago," Castro wrote…

And on, and on, and on...

Actuarial tables give the United States some reason to believe that the Cuban people – minus the protestor who was permitted to starve himself to death – will in the near future be rid of this useless, tyrannical bore.
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