Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah the Moose Hunter

The Democrats approached the Republican convention in their usual way, full of a deceptive self confidence. After all, their party had just concluded a convention that would have made Nero blush. The stadium in which Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama accepted the nomination of his party dwarfed the ancient Roman coliseum several times over, nor were fireworks available to the Romans at the Circus Maximus.

Democrats have a very attractive presidential candidate in Mr. Obama, who had just put away Sen. Hillary Clinton in a bruising primary. Prior to the ascendancy of Mr. Obama, the Clintons, Hillary and Bill, were the face of the Democrat Party. Most pundits agreed that Mr. Obama had conducted a very shrewd campaign from which he emerged as an agent of change and the Main Stream Media’s Main Man. Leftist bloggers also were solidly in his corner. His oratory sent chills up the quivering leg of longtime political commentator Chris Mathews. News reports were glowing. Mr. Obama graciously complimented Mrs. Clinton after he had stomped her into the ground; Mrs. Clinton graciously accepted the stomping.

It may have been difficult under these circumstances for Democrats not to feel they already had vanquished the Republican opponents around whose necks they had so successfully hung the albatross of an unpopular Republican president whose favorability ratings were only slightly higher than the plummeting favorability ratings of the Democrat controlled congress.

Clearly, after the Democrat convention, happy days were here again. Things were looking up. In the post-Katrina period, a few hurricanes were on their way to re-wreck New Orleans, causing filmographer Michael Moore to beam with pleasure that the anticipated flooding surly meant there was a Democrat God in heaven. Anarchists assaulted a 87 year-old wheelchair bound Connecticut Republican outside the convention.

The day after Governor of Alaska Sandra Palin accepted the Republican nomination for Vice President, US Reps. Rosa DeLauro, John Larson and other true bluers appeared in a major newspaper to denounce Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman for having wandered into enemy territory, the second such story to appear in the paper on the subject of Lieberman’s defection.

That was the general lay of the political land prior to the foreshortened Republican convention.

The Republicans, of course, admired Lieberman’s independent spirit. He had all the right enemies. It was to Lieberman’s credit that he did not wish to see Israel disappear in a mushroom cloud created by that end-of-times mullah puppet, Iranian President Mamoud Amadinijad, who takes orders from Osama bin Ladin’s God.

Leftist bloggers often operate on the assumption that Israel, like Lieberman, is dispensable, and they resent a Jew who defends that besieged democracy. Lieberman is as programmatic a Democrat as is likely to be found anywhere, but his support of Israel is the hump on his back. The man certainly has the courage to put his job where his mouth is.

Americans like courage and independence. So, apparently, does Mrs. Palin. In this sad world, you are what you like; those who like Republicans are Republicans; those who like Democrats are Democrats. The independents may be a bit leery at voting for a charismatic Democrat who has less executive experience than Mrs. Palin. When a Democrat strays into the Republican camp, the hatchets come out. When a Republican – like former Governor and Sen. Lowell Weicker – strays into the Democrat camp and begins to fraternize with the enemy, the plaudits come out. Weicker is a Maverick; Sen. John McCain, who has also fraternized with the enemy, is a goose that needs cooking.

And Palin?

Her teleprompter went kaput on the most important speech of her life. No problem. Someone fetched out of an aide's pocket a rumpled, discarded copy of the speech, which was pressed under a book. And it was that speech, part of which was improvised – “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? The lipstick – that Mrs. Palin read to a wildly enthusiastic convention.

Everybody has seriously underestimated this woman. That too is nothing new under the sun. People have been underestimating women ever since Eve bit the apple.
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